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Leaky Led Light Emitting Cat Teaser

Leaky Led Light Emitting Cat Teaser

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Leaky Led Light Emitting Cat Teaser Ball, Charging Electric Rolling Ball Intelligent Balance Car Cat Teaser Toy


Product points:

Leakage food puzzle function: By swinging the leaked food and playing while eating, increase the cat's interest in toys

Three operating modes:

Self walking mode: can effectively stimulate the cat's interest.

Interactive mode: Provide your cat with happy interactive gaming time.

Standby mode: allows you to rest the robot toy for 1.5 hours or continue playing with your cat without resting.

Two speeds: Toys have two speeds, suitable for lazy cats and energetic kittens. Slow speed is suitable for sensitive or quiet cats. Fast speed, suitable for energetic kittens.

Sound option: For more fun, you can turn on the "Squeak" mouse sound to attract the cat's attention.

High capacity battery: 2000 milliampere battery with 7 days of battery life: Compared with other indoor cat toys with extremely short usage time, it adopts low-power technology to ensure that your cat has 20 minutes of gaming time after startup, then rest for 1.5 hours and restart the next 20 minutes of happy time. This cycle is repeated, and a full charge can last up to 7 days. For the long-term benefit of your cat, a 20 minute pleasure is the best.

Smart electric cat toy: With built-in intelligent operating program, this cat ball toy will interact with your cat through 360 degree rotation, forward, backward, shaking, and automatic sound generation. When it collides with an obstacle, it can react in another direction. Attracted by its irregular movements, your cat will chase, jump, capture, hunt, and pounce for joyful movements. In addition, the rotating cat toy comes with LED color changing lights to attract the cat's attention.

3 sturdy feather rods: Compared to other easily broken feather rods, we have chosen special materials to give them bite resistance and durability.

2 anti-collision silicone wheels that can easily pass through carpets and smooth floors.


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